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Terms and Conditions

1. barus.hr rents a car mentioned on the front side of this Agreement, in the period and under conditions set forth on both sides of this document.

2. By signing this Agreement the Renter confirms that he has received the vehicle in good condition, with full gasoline tank, if not specified different in the rental agreement.

3. Renter shall pay all fuel consumed during the rental.

4. Renter agrees to return the vehicle together with all tires, tools, car documents, standard and additional equipment as it was rented.

5. Renter will return the vehicle on the date specified herein or at earler date as barus.hr may require. For each extension on the rental period, the Agreement of barus.hr has to be obtained 24 hours in advance and additional sum for deposit to be paid simultaniously.

6. The vehicle may be operated only by the Renter or by such person authorized in writing on this rental agreement, provided that such person meets all necessary qualifications and documents.

7. The vehicle shall not be operated:
– for paid transportation or freight or passengers
– to tow other vehicles
– in motor sport events or any kind of competition
– if the user is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
– while overloaded, i.e. carrying more passengers or freight than permitted by the car registration papers
– to transport animals. combustible or explosive freight, freight with strong. unplesant smell, or bulky freight that can damage the vehicle.

8. Renter shall not assign his rights hereunder or sell the vehicle or parts of it.

9. Renter is bound in the course of using the vehicles to take care of obligatory current periodical inspection of vehicle. Data on the expiry date of car inspection will be obtained in the office at time of rental.

10. If the renter prolonges his rental without prior Agreement with barus.hr the vehicle will be considered stollen, and the police will be notified. The Renter is fully responsibile for any financial or other repricutions.

11. Renter is rensponsible to take good care of the car, particulary to check regulary water, oil and tire pressure and to apply the necessary changes.  Renter is made liable for all damages caused by insufficient maintenance.

12. Renter is liable for all damages caused to the vehicle as a result of the utilisation off the road, regardless if the Renter has accepted the CDW. In addition, the Renter will be charged for the collection of damaged vehicle, any reduced value of the vehicle and the loss of revenue due to immobilisation during repairs. For all damages to third parties as a resull of utilisation off the roads, Renter is liable for any expenses by barus.hr

13. Renter is liable for all damages to vehicle caused by Renter or third parities, if he has supplied barus.hr with false information as to his indentity. His address or the validity of his drivers licence. In case of third party damage Renter shall be liable for any and all expenses.

14. Renter agrees to keep the doors of the vehicle locked and to remove the keys and car
documents when not in use, and to return all car documents and car keys upon return of the vehicle. In case of noncompilance renter shall be charged expenses for replacement of same.

15. Renter hereby releases barus.hr from liability for loss or damage to any property left, stored and transported in the vehicle during the rental or after the return of the vehicle. Renter agrees to make barus.hr free from all claims and costs bases upon such loss or damage.

16. During the rental period, Renter shall pay the cost; or parking, traffic or other legal violations assesed againts the vehicle, as well as all other costs that are not regular.

17. Renter while using his best effors to prevents such events, shall not he liable for any faults or defects in or from mechanical failure of the vehicle.

18. barus.hr is not liable for any consequences caused by any defect of the vehicle during the rental.

19. In case of seal damage. odometar failure, or car failure. renter shall stop driving and inform the nearest barus.hr station, where he will get instructions how to proceed.

20. Renter agrees to pay the amount due according to this Agreement within the period of time fixed by law.

21. Rented vehicle is insured with: a) comprehensive insurance and b) colision insurance

22. If the Renter has accepted the payment of CDW in compliance with the subject Agreement, the users liability concerning damages on the rented vehicle is completely excluded. Acceptance of CDW does not release the Renter from the liability for cases mentioned und er the item 12. i 13.

23. Should the renter accept the terms and conditions of the Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and has signed or marked so in the front page of this Agreement by barus.hr at renters expence he shall obtain his rights under the terms as described in the respective insurance conditions.

24. Renter agrees to protect the interest of barus.hr in case of accident during the rental period by obtaining names and adresses of those involved and the whitnesses – not abandoning the vehicle without adequate precautions for safequarding and securing the same, calling the nearest barus.hr station and giving a detailed report. Calling the police in order to obtain the police report. If the Renter fails to take the above mentioned actions, he will be held responsible for any consequence caused to barus.hr

25. The offical tarrif in effect at the same time of rental forms is an integral parts of this Agreement.

26. No amandmens of the terms and conditions of this Agreement are valid unless confirmed in writting by both parties.

27. The english version of the Agreement is only a translation of the official Croatian text. In case of disputes, only the Croatian text shall be used in interpreting this agreement.

28. In case of damage or loss of the navigation device, the Renter is required to pay the real value ammount of 400 EUR.

29. The vehicle is not allowed to be returned to any other location or town unless such agreement has been made before.

30. In case the Renter has not agreed to take the extra insurance CDW, he is liable to take part in damage made by him, with the maximum amount of 1000 EUR.

31. Loss of keys are charged 200 EUR.

32. Renter allows barus.hr to charge him on his credit card left as a guarantee or by any other means for any traffic or other violations made in the time of rental but recived at a later time.

33. If the Renter returns the vehicle empty or not full tank, he will be charged 15 EUR per every notch on the fuel gauge.

34. All disputes arising in connection with the Agreement shall be settled by the authorized court in Solin.